When the weather's nice, you love keeping your doors open to let in the fresh air. But letting in the air also means letting in bugs. Patriot Sun Control has the solution. We sell and install screen doors in Phoenix, Glendale & Scottsdale, AZ and Valley of the Sun areas. Contact us today to learn more.

Don't let bugs stop you from enjoying nice weather

Don't let bugs stop you from enjoying nice weather

Ready to enjoy fresh air without the fear of bugs in your home? Get in touch with Patriot Sun Control today to learn more about adding screen doors to your home in Phoenix, Glendale & Scottsdale, Arizona area. We offer:

  • Sliding screen doors and swinging screen doors
  • Screen doors in a range of sizes and styles
  • Leading door brands, such as Active screen doors
  • Security Doors
  • Retractable screen doors we sell: https://www.geniusscreens.com/

We'll help you choose the screen doors that work best for your property. Our price points vary, but we'll give you a free estimate on sliding or swinging screen doors when you call us today.

Looking for something a little more secure?

Patriot Sun Control can help you find the perfect security door for for your home. With many different options that range from steel mesh doors to decorative metal doors we can help you find the perfect door. From selection to installation, Patriot Sun Control has the experience you are looking for when selecting the right door from years of serving the Phoenix, Glendale & Scottsdale, Arizona and entire Valley of the Sun. Give us a call today to learn more!